Story number 2 for 15 Jun 2001

By June 15, 2001

(Philippines)–We turn next to the Philippines where future kidnappings is a concern for relief and mission organizations. World Vision Philippines’ spokesman Louie Baclagon (BAHK-lah-GAHN) says they sponsor 71-thousand children there, which is opening doors to share the Gospel. Baclagon says staff members are being cautious. “We have briefed them about the situation and what they should do to avoid a possible sensitive situation. Especially, we have briefed them on how to be socially sensitive and culturally sensitive with the Muslims that we work with and we encounter.” Baclagon says he doesn’t expect this situation to spread to other areas of his country. “The group that is currently involved (is) not what you may call ideologues in the sense that they’re fighting for a very clear cause. They are what you may regard as bandits who are just doing these things for the sake of money.”

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