Story number 1 for 16 Jan 2001

By January 16, 2001

El Salvador tops today’s news as hundreds of people are dead and thousand are missing after a devastating earthquake over the weekend. International Aid, is a Christian Humanitarian Aid Agency. I-A’s Milton Amayun says they’re getting containers ready to send to the area and they’re looking for more ministry partners. He says that’s key to their outreach. “Through our material and physical help, we would like to make sure that the Christian witness is going to be the center piece of whatever we do. We want to make sure that our partners have the same motivations, the same core values as us.” I-A’s Sonny Enriquez says they’re raising money to send containers of relief supplies to the affected area. “We’re sending essential medicines, personal hygiene products, blankets, food and medical equipment, including as well, disposable diapers.” Call 1-800-251-2502 to help these people physically and spiritually.

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