Story number 2 for 16 Jan 2001

By January 16, 2001

Next, as El Salvador begins to assess the damage from this weekend’s devastating earthquake, more grim news is trickling in. Authorities say that some of the country’s hospitals are reaching a breaking point. Operation Blessing International has an office in El Salvador. OBI Relief director Dick Kohl explains how they’re responding. “We’re working with the Christian Medical and Dental Society in El Salvador to send medical teams to the affected area to assist those that have needs. My information tells me that the local hospitals, some of them have been damaged and they are unable to keep up with the demand for immediate medical attention.” Kohl says this alliance provides them a chance to share the hope of the Gospel. “They are very good at spreading the Gospel as part of the medical treatment that they provide. We treat the physical ailment of course, but also try and meet that spiritual need that we all have to know our Lord and Savior.” OBI will also be sending money, water, food, blankets and building supplies.

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