Story number 1 for 16 Jun 2000

By June 16, 2000

We begin today in Korea where evangelical leaders there are optimistic peace talks will help minister to the communist north. Manmin World Mission is based in South Korea. Manmin’s Director Johnny Kim says he believes the success of the talks will eventually ease religious restrictions allowing missionaries into the region. “We have been helping North Korean people through missionaries in mainland China, not missionaries in North Korea yet. But, we have been preparing to dispatch the missionaries to (the) North Korea area. So, I think (it’s) going to be a good opportunity for us.” According to Kim, that effort will be dangerous for the time being. He describes some the persecution Christians are facing there. “People were shot when they were caught by the government people for their beliefs they had. Even though there’s persecution in limitations, people are very much more interested in Christ.” Pray that God gives the North Korean people more religious freedom.

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