Story number 1 for 17 Aug 2000

By August 17, 2000

The Democratic Republic of Congo headlines today’s news where weary African leaders ended peace talks without reaching an agreement. Baptist World Aid‘s Paul Montecute says without peace work is difficult. He says prayer is essential. “Peace is desperately needed there in Congo. It’s a country where there are many Christians. Our own Baptist community there in the Congo numbers well over a million baptized believers. And, they want to reach out and help their own fellow countrymen who are suffering at this time.” According to Montecute, they’re sending food, clothing, medicine and other supplies to help the needy. He says it’s a great opportunity for the local church to share the Gospel. “Our Baptist brothers and sisters in Congo want to help the whole person. People in situations like we find in Congo are very open to the Christian Gospel because they’re the ones who need that kind of hope which is provided in the faith, probably more than those of us who live in a more peaceful environment.”

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