Story number 1 for 17 Dec 1999

By December 17, 1999

Topping the news today, a group of 30 radical Hindus have struck again in India, this time beating and attempting to kill Bible school students in Kerala state. G-V Mathai is with the India Evangelical Mission. He says students and staff at their Bible College met together for prayer this week when the attack occurred. “All of a sudden a group of people came in and cut off the electricity and they just started beating people. These people had some kind of club with nails in it. Somebody shouted and said, hey he is the principal of the college, kill him. So, somebody took a knife and stabbed him.” He survived the attack, and is hospitalized along with another teacher and student. Mathai says this is happening for one reason, people are converting to Christ. “These fanatic Hindus are so scared. They want to make it tough for all the Christian conversions. But, the Lord has been blessing the ministry and more people are coming to know Christ than any time in our country.”

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