Story number 1 for 17 Dec 2001

By December 17, 2001

(Kenya)–We begin today in Kenya where last week’s rioting has put a temporary hold on an evangelical outreach. The politically and tribally motivated riots ended last week in Kibera, the slums of Nairobi. Tom Dudenhofer of Audio Scripture Ministries of Holland, Michigan says their work in that area has been affected. “One of our guards got his house razed to the ground and all his possessions stolen and to date has not been able to locate some of his children. Shadow had his house burned, his stuff was stolen and his son was beaten up. Florence, our cook at special ministries also can not locate two of her children.” Dudenhofer says the rioting won’t stop their work forever. “With over 1.4 million people located in these slums, many of them not reading and many of them coming from the country there’s just a desperate need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be given out and for many of them the only way they’re going to hear it is if somebody brings them something in audio that they can listen to.”

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