Story number 1 for 17 Dec 2002

By December 17, 2002

(India)–In the headlines, there are growing fears that the Hindu-nationalist win in Gujarat state elections threatens secular India. Not only that, but opponents believe the elections were won by stoking religious tensions. Mission India’s John DeVries concurs. He says in the days ahead, they are expecting mounting obstacles for their work, along with higher risk for their workers. “We can probably expect anti-conversion laws to be passed by most of the states in India. It means secondly, that there’s going to be tremendous pressure put on all minorities–Christians, Muslims–to conform to Hindu standards. The secular concept of democracy on which India was founded is in serious jeopardy.” DeVries says they are deeply concerned about the believers there. “What we are asking in prayer is that the Christians be strengthened; that they be given courage, that they keep their minds fixed on the Lord for perfect peace and not on the events that are happening, realizing that God is in control and that He has His own purpose in allowing this to come about.”

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