Story number 1 for 17 Jan 2003

By January 17, 2003

(Iraq)–Topping the news, as the potential war with Iraq grows, and forces mobilize, there are estimates that if fighting breaks out, the refugee population could total six million. In response, International Aid is readying their response to refugee camps in Jordan. I-A’s Myles Fish. “The products and services that we’re going to try to provide will be healthcare related. We’re sending a whole healthcare clinic, we’ll be sending pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene items, a water treatment plant. That will be leaving here in Spring Lake when we begin to see the flow of refugees leaving Iraq.” Fish believes the refugees will come to know at least one thing about Christians. “What you’ll know about is the local indigenous church through whom we are sending the aid. It’s our hope that by giving these local indigenous churches the means for ministering to the refugees, that they then will have an opportunity to both demonstrate and proclaim the Gospel message.”

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