Story number 1 for 17 Jul 2001

By July 17, 2001

(North Korea)–Topping the news, North Korea’s head of state visited Vietnam last week to ask for food aid and diplomatic support for his hungry country from one of the world’s few other communist states. World Vision’s Sanjay Sojwal (SAHN-jay SOH-jwahl) says this could mean a significant departure for North Korea. “The fact that North Korea is asking for assistance from Vietnam is an indicator of the needs in that country. It has gone through a very serious situation in the last three or four years where there has been acute food shortages in many areas. There is a great need for many of the Christians to work in this country.” Sojwal adds that this crisis provides an open door for the hope of the Gospel. “The most important thing is to pray that we’ll be able to continue to reach the hearts and minds of the people through our love and our care. The country has gone through so many cycles of food shortages, and being hit by typhoons, flooding-and for the last four or five years, they’ve seen nothing but pain and anguish.”

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