Story number 1 for 17 Jun 2003

By June 17, 2003

(Middle East)–Topping the news, key meetings this week mark an intensified diplomatic effort to keep the road map to peace in the Middle East on track. World Bible Translation Center’s President Dale Randolph says as the violence escalates, people turn to matters of faith for answers. The Center’s work provides a timely solution. “We released the Gospel of John last year, then followed it up with a recent printing of Luke and Acts in one volume of this modern Arabic translation, and are getting ready to do the complete New Testament. It’s in typeset now, to be released probably in August or September.” Randolph says there are security issues and urges prayer. “The way we well distribute it will not be with a great amount of fanfare. It’s personal relationships with key people scattered across those countries and getting it into the hands, particularly, of people who are doing real evangelism on a quiet basis.”

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