Story number 1 for 17 Mar 2003

By March 17, 2003

(Saudi Arabia)–Saudi Arabia headlines today’s news as a huge military build up continues there in preparation for war with Iraq. However, reports are filtering in that the number of Christians is growing. Saudi Arabia is one of the most anti-Christian nations in the world, but as Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung tell us that’s not stopping church growth. “We have been noting an increased response from listeners who seem to be if not seekers, actually profess faith in Christ who are writing from within Saudi Arabia, especially women. There are even some fellowships in Mecca itself, which is a place where Christians aren’t even supposed to enter.” DeYoung can only guess why. “God’s spirit is at work there. Even though it’s a place that’s outwardly very hostile to anything that is not consistent with Islam. Radio is obviously one of the only ways we know of that there could be any ongoing contact.” Words of Hope broadcasts into the region through Trans World Radio.

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