Story number 2 for 17 Mar 2003

By March 17, 2003

(Jordan/Iraq)–Next, Christians in the Middle East are preparing to reach out to the physical and spiritual needs of Iraqi war victims. World Concern’s Kelly Miller says they’re partnering with churches in Jordan to help meet the needs of expected refugees once war breaks out. “The national church is actually leading this effort. We’re here to provide key staff as needed. To provide funding as needed. But, the local church has a lot of experience in relief response in that region in the last number of years. So, our roll is really one of a supportive roll and one in we can collectively really build up the national church there so they have a much improved profile.” Miller believes this is a great time for Christians in the West to have an impact. “Right now, we’re projecting about 60,000 people to come into one particular camp that we’re working in that’s just inside Jordan, just inside the border from Iraq. So, people can help us with that. It’s just about $51 to provide enough food for one family for one month.”

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