Story number 1 for 18 Feb 2000

By February 18, 2000

We begin today’s news in the Balkans, where politicians are trying to thaw out chilled relations between East and West. In the meantime, Shelter Now is reaching out to help the people caught in the press of the fight. Jeff Johnstone says despite the tension, they are working to provide humanitarian aid to not only Kosovo, but also Serbia and neighboring Yugoslavia. “We’re working with a couple of churches in Serbia-we’re looking to go up into Yugoslavia. It’s a little tense right now trying to get into Serbia. We have found great favor with Serbian Counsel, Serbian Embassy in Macedonia because of our service to the Serbs there, but if things escalate, that’ll greatly affect that.” Johnstone says they need prayer protection because: “…It’s a very, very difficult place right now. The killing continues; however, I can tell you that the Gospel is going out in an unprecedented way throughout Kosovo. There are pockets of believers, new believers that are coming up each and every day.”

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