Story number 1 for 18 Jan 2001

By January 18, 2001

Our newscast begins today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where there are conflicting reports of an assassination attempt on President Laurent Kabila. The uncertainty threatens to plunge one of Africa’s largest and most troubled populous countries into further chaos. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton. “As I look at it right now, we have two sides of the country, really. We have one side, which is the Eastern side, controlled by the rebels. [Then, we have] the other side where the government of Kabila is controlling, and there are missionaries on both sides. It really can’t get much worse, it seems to me right now, except for having a full out war, and all these countries around the Congo getting involved.” Vinton says their workers need prayer. “I think our prayer should continue to be that national pastors, leaders and those in the churches will continue to go forward, recognizing that God is still sovereign. And, [pray] for any of our missionaries that they will be kept safe and be able to continue in the work that they are doing.”

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