Story number 2 for 18 Jan 2001

By January 18, 2001

Meanwhile, the suffering continues in El Salvador as the death toll continues to rise after the earthquake that rocked the country. Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of Baptist World Alliance, is assisting. Baptist World Aid’s Director Paul Montacute says they’re helping the Baptist Association and the Baptist Federation. “Both of them are involved in both the immediate relief effort and in the longer term task of trying to rebuild people’s homes and people’s lives. And, so far we’ve sent $5,000 down to each of those two groups, but now within a few days we expect more detailed proposals from them as to the kind of money that they need to help people down there.” Baptist World Aid is collecting donations to help. He says assisting these evangelistic ministries is good for future outreach. “It gives people credibility if they’re known as people who care and love their neighbors. It does help them a great deal in their holistic ministry in the future.” Call 703-790-8980 to help.

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