Story number 1 for 18 Oct 2001

By October 18, 2001

(Pakistan)–We begin today in Pakistan where U-S diplomats have further cemented their ties. However, air strikes targeting Afghanistan have disrupted relief efforts into that region. Air Serv International’s Stuart Wilcuts says their initial humanitarian plan was stymied by the military action. “We had established the parameters of a program in Pakistan to serve the humanitarian aid community in Afghanistan. That program was held in abeyance. We are continuing to monitor the situation. It is likely we will send another survey team out around the first week of November.” Wilcuts asks the church to pray for Air Serv as they work to show the love of Christ in Central Asia. He says they must be careful. “Overt Christianity is not accepted right now in Afghanistan. Witness some of the agencies that have had problems. This is a situation where you are a servant, where great diplomatic sensitivity is needed to rebuild confidences and rebuild relationships.”

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