Story number 2 for 18 Oct 2001

By October 18, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, donor dollars are down among some organizations not working with Afghan refugees or victims of terrorism in the U-S. High Adventure Ministries is an international radio ministry, which broadcast in many countries, including some closed to the Gospel. High Adventure’s Paul Hunter. “Our income here has fallen off something like over 50-percent and it was very tight to begin with. We’re constantly having to daily make decisions here, whether we cut back on something, when we feel it’s a time we need to be advancing and not cutting back.” For Haiti with Love’s Don DeHart says they’re feeling the pinch, too. DeHart says their funding is down about 15-percent. “If it continues we’re going to have to look at cutting back our programs and the first program that we’re going to probably have to cut back is feeding the people that are starving and we don’t want to do that. This is your opportunity to help God show people he loves them by feeding them.”

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