Story number 1 for 19 Apr 2000

By April 19, 2000

Topping the news, recent reports say the AIDS epidemic is having a tremendous impact on the social fabric of South Africa. Millions are infected with the HIV virus, and in the midst of disease, there is famine and war. Born from this is a spiritual thirst, met by a vibrant Ugandan church. AMG International’s Larry Malone explains their approach. “Even in the midst of all of the problems that we might face today, God is still the answer to those problems…and so long as we have men and women that are dedicated to reaching these children and their families, we’ll see a change in their lives.” Malone says the church has found a specific ministry in the area. “This church is reaching out to many of the people there. The church was established in 1992 and the strategy there is focused on reaching the community, not only through evangelism and discipleship, but reaching into the homes and helping these people with feeding of the children as well as helping them with their education.”

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