Story number 1 for 19 Apr 2002

By April 19, 2002

(Vietnam)–Persecution against Christians in Vietnam tops today’s news. Many human rights groups indicate that there is a concerted effort to oppress these minority groups. President of Open Doors USA Terry Madison explains why. “All of those tribal minorities have three basic strikes against them. Most of them were allied with the United States, you’re a tribal minority group, and you’re a Christian. And, this just leads to all kind of government harassment and persecution.” International Christian Concern reports that the government hopes Christianity will cease to exist by the end of 2002. Madison says just the opposite is happening, but the persecution is having an affect. “Because of the persecution this has made it very difficult for Bible distribution…certainly for us in our training of pastors up there. We have an extensive training course. It’s a three-year course, and I call them ‘seminaries on the run.'” Pray for safety among believers there as they secretly share their faith.

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