Story number 2 for 19 Apr 2002

By April 19, 2002

(Kazakhstan)–Meanwhile, despite reports of persecution of evangelistic Christians in Kazakhstan, there is one ministry that is being cultivated. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith. “The country with the war next door, as we’re calling it, has really been open to the Gospel, because everyone wants to know what’s going on there. Especially the youth; they’re very interested in world events and what’s happening around them. It’s given the nationals that we’re supporting a real opportunity to share the Gospel.” Smith asks that people pray the hearts of young people remain sensitive to the Gospel, adding that the window may be closing. “Any time that there’s a sense of urgency, and there’s a crisis situation, people have questions. The further that we move away from the crisis of the war that’s kind of tapering off in that part of the world, people begin to lose interest. Those eternal things are not as paramount anymore in their minds.”

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