Story number 1 for 19 Jan 2000

By January 19, 2000

Topping today’s newscast, anti-Christian sentiment has been building in India
for several months, and Hindu zealots have reportedly been spreading rumors
about Christianity to the tribes people in hopes of inspiring intimidation.
However, Dayspring International’s John Gilman says there has been an interesting
turn of events. “Persecution in India is not going to go away for some time because of
the ruling party, but it’s caused the church to come together. In November, 150
Christian leaders gathered together in a historic meeting with a commitment to the
uniqueness of Christ and loyalty to the Scriptures as a result of this wave of
persecution.” Gilman this means there is a new field for ministry. “It’s a spiritual
movement-it’s what we would classically describe as a great move of the Holy Spirit
sweeping the nation of India as the people of God embrace their communities and their
states and their nation.”

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