Story number 1 for 19 Jul 2000

By July 19, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Pakistan where Military General Pervez Masharraf (puhr-VEHZ mah-SHAH-rahf) has declared the country an Islamic State. That declaration doesn’t bode well for Christians and other minority religions. Shahbaz Bhatti (shah-BAHZ BAH-tee) is the president of the Christian Liberation Front of Pakistan. Bhatti says this is a death warrant for Christians. “The present move of the military dictator is a complete genocide for the religious minorities and the Christians in Pakistan. And, Pakistan will become a religious apartheid state. And, the Christians of Pakistan who are already in trouble, they will be prime targets of these religious extremists.” According to Bhatti, many people are coming to Christ in Pakistan. He says Islamic law won’t prevent evangelism. “We are ready to sacrifice everything, even our lives. If our Jesus Christ can give his own life for us so why we can not sacrifice our life for Jesus Christ.”

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