Story number 1 for 19 Nov 2001

By November 19, 2001

(Afghanistan)–We begin our newscast today with a look at the crumbling structure of the Taliban in Central Asia. In the days following their crushing losses, a reconstruction effort is now being discussed. Part of that will be the restoration of spirit, says HCJB World Radio’s David Johnson. He adds that, for them, it is an issue of divine timing. “We actually went on-air into Afghanistan two months before this whole thing broke open, in several different languages in the area. The Lord knew all this was coming, and it’s good for us to know that we were able to be on-air with a clear message of who Jesus Christ is at a time when the country is going through such a crisis.” Johnson asks believers to pray for their outreach, especially because: “Those who are doing the programming are in danger of persecution. Much of the recording has to be done clandestinely…that they might really be able to communicate to their fellow countrymen the truth that they’ve discovered in Christ and that the Holy Spirit would use that in a powerful way.”

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