Story number 2 for 19 Nov 2001

By November 19, 2001

(Indonesia)–Elsewhere, the threatened rumblings of Indonesia’s Laskar Jihad are causing concern for mission groups there. There are growing reports that the warriors are preparing to attack and capture the area. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner confirms the report. “As we understand it, the attacks are continuing. It’s a very risky situation right now. This is all in the area of Poso District, in Central Sulawesi Island. There is a concerted attack to take over this entire area, which is a strong Christian area, for Islam.” As the pressure grows, there is also a feeling that time may be running out. Lindner asks believers to support their efforts where they can. “We need to be very much in prayer, right now, for the Christians in Central Sulawesi. We are continuing a rescue effort in other places where it’s possible and there are thousands of refugees that we are trying to feed and house and take care of in this interim time.”

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