Story number 1 for 2 Jan 1999

By January 2, 1999

Our top story today comes from Sierra Leone, where fighting in Freetown has disrupted life. Lutheran Bible Translators’ Jim Laesch (lash) says although the sporadic battles have destroyed many buildings and taken many lives, they are thanking God for His protection. “The eastern portion of the city had a lot of rebel activity and that’s where a lot of the fighting, burning and destruction has been. We’re thankful that those that work with us in translation and literacy programs, to date, are known to be safe.” Laesch says their work has been temporarily suspended, but not halted. He asks that believers continue to pray. “We’re thankful that our office has been spared so far from any kind of destruction or looting. We know of other churches and mission groups where things have been lost. People, for the most part, are all displaced. They’re without anything. We are mobilizing to give some help to our workers and partners in the country.”

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