Story number 1 for 2 Jun 2000

By June 2, 2000

We begin today in the Middle East where the military withdrawal from Israel has led to safety concerns for staff with a Christian Broadcasting Network station in the area. The group that fled to Israel last week now fears for the safety of those left behind. CBN’s Mike Gwartney. “Israel pulled out in such a short notice, that we weren’t able to get all of our employees across the border that wanted to get across the border. We had a total of 56 employees at the station, we got across seven of them. In three weeks, what’s going to happen is the concern is going to kind of die down, and the Hezbollah are then going to go in and there’s going to be some persecution of Christians.” Gwartney says this situation is one of concern for them. “The total outreach of the station hasn’t been affected. [However], the news has been affected…now, the Hezbollah have brought their propaganda in and people in the region don’t know what to believe, because they’re uncertain as to what the truth is. As far as METV (Middle East Television) goes, pray that we can still bring to that region a true teaching of the Gospel.”

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