Story number 2 for 2 Jun 2000

By June 2, 2000

Meanwhile, rains have come to the drought-stricken areas of Ethiopia. But it may be too little too late. At present, the massive food shortage roils on and relief groups are just trying to make it through the next harvest season in November. World Concern’s Al York. “They were only able to make water deliveries and food deliveries within five kilometers to eight kilometers of the city because of the rains on the roads. So, in the short-term, it’s caused difficulty in bringing the delivery of the food to the people most in need. There won’t be an impact from the rains on agriculture for another several months.” The process of humanitarian aid often provides a willing ear for the Gospel. “We see that within areas where we come with our partner agency, Hope Enterprises, or where we partner with someone like SIM that we bring that Christian witness. The people know who’s bringing this food and you have an opportunity to discuss that.”

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