Story number 1 for 2 May 2001

By May 2, 2001

(Thailand)–Topping the news, a plan to establish a huge global fund to combat AIDS and other infectious diseases in developing countries gained international momentum Tuesday. While global financial leaders pledged funds for future work, there are some agencies already on the ground in the fight. World Concern’s Thirapong Wandee (TEER-la-Pong WAND-ee) says the epidemic is growing. He says that’s why the work they’re doing is important. “Most of the area that World Concern works [in] on, is [was] uneducated about AIDS before. But now, I think there are many people can know about that, and they’ve change their action.” Wandee adds that through their work, people meet Christ. “We are a Christian organization. We try to work with the church out there to share the Gospel-when we have a situation like this, people open their hearts-to receive the Gospel easier than before.”

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