Story number 1 for 2 May 2002

By May 2, 2002

(Israel)–We begin today in the Holy Land as Israelis continue to live in fear of more suicide bombings. That’s the word from Phil Holmes with High Adventure Ministries. Holmes, who lives in Israel, says many Israelis aren’t very optimistic that Yasser Arafat will do anything to curb the violence. “The word that I hear from those that I know are just saying flat out that after Arafat is released and has room, then things will just go back to the way they were. And, we’ll see more suicide bombings just like it was before. He’s going to start up the same thing again.” High Adventure is proclaiming the Gospel through radio in and around the Arab world. Holmes says the conflict is causing many to listen to their broadcast. “They’re hearing the Word of the Lord in their native language and they’re coming to him, especially in these times right now. They’re still listening to the programs and know there’s something real and true about Yeshua.” Pray for safety as this radio ministry continues.

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