Story number 1 for 2 May 2003

By May 2, 2003

(Iraq)–Headlining today’s news, as President Bush announced the end to major military operations in Iraq last night, Christians are reaching out to the war’s victims. World Vision’s Al Dwyer says they’re providing needed supplies in God’s name in the western city of Al Rutbah. “We distributed medical supplies for the city for about one month, blankets and water containers, just some basic stuff to help them get up and running. It took a little while, we had to break the ice and explain who we are, but after we distributed the medicines and stuff I think everything went well.” This marked World Vision’s first trip into the country since before the war. Dwyer says unexploded ordnance is another problem in this city of 25-thousand. “The problem is, these things are just laying out in the open and children, with their curiosity, are coming up and playing with them. Last week alone in Al Rutbah, there was 12 injuries to children under the age of 12. It’s a serious problem. We’re going to start right away with a sensitization program to try to teach these kids not to play with the mines.”

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