Story number 2 for 2 May 2003

By May 2, 2003

(USA)–Elsewhere, Miami, Florida is very much a foreign mission field due to its ethnic diversity. Some Third World religious practices remain there. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg explains the impact. “According to LAM’s Christ for Miami missionary Al Ortiz, Santeria a cultural thing. A lot of people do it but they don’t know what they are getting into. Santeria mixes traditional African gods with Roman Catholic saints and involves magical and spiritual dimensions. Hundreds of Botanicas, or witchcraft shops can be found throughout the Miami area selling everything from statues to ward away spirits to chicken and sheep used in sacrificial ceremonies. Christ for Miami is working to encourage local pastors who say that they often counsel church members who find animal parts in their neighbor’s yards. One evangelical pastor in Miami says that there is no toleration of Santeria among evangelicals. When one converts to Jesus Christ, he says, they give up their practices.”

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