Story number 1 for 2 Nov 2001

By November 2, 2001

(Sudan)–In the stories making our headlines today, evangelist Sammy Tippit says thousands were responding to the Gospel in Khartoum, Sudan. Not long after the stadium cleared after the first night, a serious problem arose. “Christian leaders who were organizers of the conference were called in to the security offices of the government, and they were told that there were extremists in the area who were making credible threats to attack the stadium, attack the people there and attack us.” Tippit says they were told there was a potential for significant loss of life, if they continued their meetings. “The more they found out, the more credible the threats were. They were planning on something big. Then, as that developed, it had to go to the governor’s office, where we were told that we would not be able to continue the meetings. They didn’t feel that they could provide the security.” However, Tippit says they were allowed to hold the pastors’ conference. Please pray for the ministry and safety of the local believers in the days ahead.

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