Story number 1 for 2 Oct 2001

By October 2, 2001

(Indonesia)–A new State Department “worldwide caution” tops our news today. The warning was issued for Americans following the discovery of an Islamic extremist plot that spanned nine countries. Officials say the groups might be planning to harm Westerners in response to expected U.S. retaliatory strikes against terrorists. AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they’ve already seen hostilities against some of their missionaries. “Extremists went to the local hotels where the American travelers are known to frequent, and apparently, were even confronting Westerners who looked like they might be Americans and telling them to go home. That certainly puts everyone on warning that there are people who are watching and looking for Westerners.” Jenks says they’re moving to insure the safety of the Western workers, but remaining staff will carry on. “Our national workers will need our prayers for safety, and pray that the new military, the new government will give a greater degree of safety than has been given in recent years.”

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