Story number 2 for 2 Oct 2001

By October 2, 2001

(Middle East)–Meanwhile, the terror attacks that struck the United States on September 11th may be the key to seeing Muslim hearts softened to the Gospel. That’s the observation of Word of Hope’s Lee DeYoung. “This is prompting an even greater soul searching with in the minds of Muslims about what the stand for of people who question, perhaps quietly, where are we headed? What do we believe that we would be connected with anything like this. It’s going to shake the confidence in the status quo of Islam for at least some significant number of people.” DeYoung says that lack of confidence could make this month’s new Farsi radio broadcast more effective. “This is an historic time of opportunity where there is great openess. You have a great hunger there that is perhaps unprecidented for spiritual truth, not only in Iran, but in Afghanistan and in parts of the former Soviet Union.”

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