Story number 1 for 2 Oct 2002

By October 2, 2002

(Jamaica)–We begin today in Jamaica where torrential rains from tropical storm Lili have caused widespread damage on that island nation. Food for the Poor’s Sydney Henry is in Jamaica and describes the situation. “We’ve had torrential rains for the last two or three days as we had this tropical storm passed over. We’ve had severe flooding in many of the parishes here on the island, some extensively, and can almost be considered disaster areas. We had had some people who have died from the flooding.” Henry’s thanking God for the many radio stations that helped build homes in Jamaica. Henry explains why. “If it had not been for the blessing of this new community, all of these people would have been stranded. Because where they used to live before certainly wouldn’t have been able to sustain their presence.” Food for the Poor is partnering with churches to help share Christ’s love physically and spiritually through disaster relief. Call our resource line if you’d like to help.

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