Story number 1 for 2 Sep 2002

By September 2, 2002

(China)–We begin today’s news in China where there have been reports of another crackdown against the church. Even so, China Partner Minstry’s Erik Burklin says the winds of change are blowing for the Christian body, starting with new direction. “Our purpose for this upcoming trip is to learn from the new Chinese Church leadership what their vision is for the church in China within the next ten to 15 years. The Chinese Church is in a crossroads right now, in the registered churches, they’re really struggling through this whole process of theology and construction.” Burklin adds that they are helping to train new leaders because: “We keep hearing that people are being baptized left and right. Churches are packed full and therefore, this huge need for additional training for church leaders and pastors. The people that are coming to know Christ are in the thousands, so they can’t keep up with discipling them and really getting them grounded deeply in the Word.”

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