Story number 1 for 20 Feb 2002

By February 20, 2002

(Democratic Republic of Congo)–Topping the news, between yet another massacre by militiamen in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and the devastating volcanic eruption in Goma, one mission agency’s work has been hit hard. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says the bad news has affected several projects they’re involved with. “It’s been confirmed that the lava hit that warehouse where all those Bibles were in, so all six-thousand copies have been destroyed. In the south, further where Grace Ministries works, especially in the city of Kindu, there they’ve had constant attacks. This is a bad thing for the furtherance of the Gospel. People couldn’t even leave the city.” Vinton says the nationals are continuing to help with relief and rebuilding in both their effected areas. “We do need to pray for safety and especially as these Christian men and women continue to go forth. It’s amazing to me how resilient they are, and how they continue going instead of giving up, in spite of all the trouble.”

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