Story number 2 for 20 Feb 2002

By February 20, 2002

(Africa)–Next, radio is going to be an important part of reaching Africa with the Gospel in the years ahead. That’s the word from Ron Cline, Chairman of the Board for HCJB World Radio. Cline recently returned from Africa, where he says illiteracy will be worse than it is now. “There’s been so many people who have died of AIDS and have left 20 to 30-million orphans on the street. You have armies and they tend to recruit boy soldiers. Those boy soldiers no longer go to school. Probably 10 years from now, you will have a large adult community in Africa that cannot read and you’re going to have to have radio to communicate.” Cline says Muslim evangelism is the biggest challenge facing the church. “The Muslims have an interesting strategy for Africa and that is every church in Africa is going to have a Mosque. And, they’re working well they’re working from the north down. They’re very heavy into West Africa. They’re beginning to come into East Africa, primarily through aid.”

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