Story number 1 for 20 Jan 2000

By January 20, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in the Balkans where American Christians there are
wondering if the arrest of an American soldier will affect their work. The U-S
Army Sergeant has been charged in the death of an 11-year-old Albanian girl in
Kosovo. Joel Samy is President of World Hope and lives in the region. He’s
optimistic. “As we touch base with a number of the Christian organizations on the field
here, they also convey the unsettling aspect of this news. They continue to work
day-by-day feeding, providing hope, sharing the Gospel with those in need. And,
specifically helping the ethnic Albanians in their resettlement program.” Samy believes
the incident won’t have a direct impact on their work. “We certainly know that
incidents like this cause great concern. However, the ethnic Albanian people look at
the whole process in seeing that the Americans are here risking their lives to provide
peace and stability and this certainly will have a ripple affect in the community.”

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