Story number 2 for 20 Jan 2000

By January 20, 2000

Next, with the peace talks with Syria at a standstill, the work of repatriating
Jews to their homeland continues. Christians For Israel’s David Sudlow says
even though there have been talks of Israel giving up more land to Syria, those talks
haven’t done anything to affect their Exobus Project. “The immigration from the former
Soviet Union to Israel is up. In fact, our latest report is that we can not meet all the
requests of those who want to leave for Israel.” According to Sudlow, because the
Jewish people have been so mistreated, it opens doors to share the Gospel with them
as they return. “We do have a God given mandate at this time. I believe that with all my
heart that we’re called to come along side the Jewish people and to stand with God’s
Biblical promises for them. To assist them, to help them where ever we can. And, it’s
the cup of cold water in Jesus name that really touches their hearts.”

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