Story number 1 for 21 Aug 2000

By August 21, 2000

We begin today in Jakarta, where the Indonesian parliament has been confronted with a motion pushed forward by Islamist politicians calling for an amendment to the constitution to enforce Islamic Shari’ah law for Muslims. Open Doors’ Terry Madison. “The legislative body postponed an amendment that had been proposed to introduce the Islamic Shari’ah law. This is, in a sense, good news, but it’s just delayed the inevitable choices that the government is going to have to make.” Madison adds that despite the reprieve, the country, as a whole, remains in crisis. “The concern that any Christian would have would be if Shari’ah law is implemented, it would just add to their pain and suffering, because this takes a very line approach to dealing with Christians. Pray for the strengthening of the church in Indonesia. These believers have no food, shelter, clothing.”

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