Story number 1 for 21 Aug 2003

By August 21, 2003

(Indonesia)–We begin today in Indonesia, where a suspected Al-Qaeda pointman was caught plotting more attacks. The leader, ‘Hambali’, is the force behind a deadly jihad whose targets often included the Christian population. Southern Baptist International Mission Board representative, Charles Cole, speaking from Jakarta, says persecution is a way of life there. “The only question is not ‘will it happen’, but ‘when and where will it take place?’ This creates a tension on everyone and provides an atmosphere that does cause limitations on where you go and what you do.” Cole says ministry continues through the national church, which is very much alive. He urges prayer. “We’re not asking for Christians around the world to do away with the danger, but to provide us with the necessary faith to trust the Lord in dangerous situations. The gospel cannot be spread across Indonesia unless we’re willing to go into dangerous areas.”

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