Story number 2 for 21 Aug 2003

By August 21, 2003

(International)–Meanwhile, reported members of Al Qaeda are urging Muslims to fight a holy war against US troops in Iraq. Denton Lotz of the Baptist World Alliance says Christians around the world may also be targeted in jihad because their faith is seen as a Western religion. As for ministry, Lotz describes the three-fold responsibility of Christians during this crisis. “First of all, it’s to pray for those who are suffering; secondly, to be compassionate to those who are in need; and thirdly, to follow Christ’s command to be peacemakers. We need to support governments who are working for peace, we need to pray for them, we need to encourage them, but certainly not as Christians should we take up the sword against Islam.” Lotz says, despite some security concerns, they continue to look for ways to share the Gospel. He adds they want people to respond to Christ because of the movement of the Holy Spirit. “We do compassionate ministries out of the love of Christ not with any ulterior motives. We need men and women who’ll follow the cross of Christ because there is the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives.”

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