Story number 1 for 21 Dec 2001

By December 21, 2001

(Democratic Republic of Congo)–Topping the news, the Central African Republic has been embroiled in fierce fighting and failed peace efforts following an attempted coup on the government. Its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo has also felt the effects of war, now topped with ebola and massive flooding. It is in this climate that American Leprosy Mission works. ALM President, Chris Doyle. “Our projects in the north, near the Central African Republic border, continue to move forward. We’re partnering with Habitat for Humanity, and starting to actually build houses there for people affected by leprosy.” Doyle says, despite the danger in the area, their workers report that people are responding to the hope of Christ. “There’s just a wide variety of ways that we’re able to get the Gospel out; through literature distribution, through outreach, through actually witnessing, through local churches. So, we’re able to meet the needs of people, not just physically to cure those with leprosy, but also, spiritually, with the Gospel.”

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