Story number 1 for 21 Feb 2000

By February 21, 2000

We begin today in the Balkans. After nearly a year of tension over the wars in Yugoslavia and Chechnya, Russia and NATO announced that they are restoring their ties. The effect of the thaw on missions work is yet to be seen. But, World Concern’s Peter Sundt says he’s encouraged. “They’re trying to word the foundations of the Constitution-they’re trying to influence leaders to be thinking tolerance. Well, that can’t help but open up a marketplace of ideas that isn’t prohibiting Christians from giving their message. I think it bodes well.” Sundt adds that their outreach has provided a clear path to sharing the Gospel. “World Concern focused on a very rural area-there’s fourteen villages that we’ve been concentrating on. Over the months, even the Kosovars who work with us are surprised by the poverty in that particular region. The national church in Kosovo is an urban church and so, we’re working toward missionaries that will move in and take advantage of the goodwill.” Sundt says because the people are spiritually hungry, they need prayer for both mature missionaries to the area and good leadership for the country.

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