Story number 1 for 21 Mar 2002

By March 21, 2002

(India)–Topping the news, the Indian parliament has approved a new anti-terrorism decree. The ordinance defines a “terrorist” as anyone threatening India’s unity as well as causing terror among people. Critics argue the law is too broadly defined, and it could be used to target Christians. Dayspring International’s John Gilman. “It would give an open door for any reason to shut down or to harass the work of the Christians in many different areas. It just fosters suspicion. The Indian constitution provides for freedom of religion; freedom of conscience.” Gilman says their outreach will continue, regardless. However, he urges believers to pray. “We need to pray for this government that it will be transformed and that the Constitution will be upheld for religious liberty and freedom of conscience, and that we will continue to have the privileges and rights of sharing Christ wherever, whenever and however.”

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