Story number 1 for 22 Aug 2002

By August 22, 2002

(Vietnam)–We begin today’s newscast in Vietnam where Hmong listeners to Far East Broadcasting Gospel radio programs are explicitly reporting the severe persecution they are experiencing. In fact, if something is not done, Hmong Christians will continue to face a singling out that intensifies and increases as a deadline for wiping out Christianity looms nearer. FEBC’s Melinda Cheng says they are alarmed by the reports. “In addition to fines, beatings, we’ve also heard of poisonings. In addition to all those things, we’ve also heard reports from them that they’ve been threatened that the government plans to wipe out Christianity by December 2002.” Cheng says this is where other believers can strengthen the body of Christ in Vietnam. “We can contact our government officials and we can put in our word and say, “Hey, let’s do something about this–let’s stop it.” Of course, pray, I mean, that’s the one thing that they request most of all is, “Please pray.””

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