Story number 1 for 22 Aug 2003

By August 22, 2003

(Middle East)–We begin today with a look at the collapse of peace in the Middle East. With word of a jihad targeting Western interests, there is concern that includes Christian work. Trans World Radio’s David McCreary explains security for their broadcast team is a priority, but so is evangelistic outreach. “The religious climate in the Middle East is heavily Muslim, so radio is an ideal medium to teach God’s Word, especially in an area where roughly half of the people who speak Arabic, in particular, are illiterate. We also have programs that are very issue oriented, and we talk about peace in times of conflict.” McCreary shares a story that brings home TWR’s impact. “An Iranian refugee wrote in recently, and said that he had compared the major religions and that, through hearing TWR’s broadcasts, he came to the conclusion that Christ is the only true Savior. He also said that his only contact with Christianity was through TWR’s radio programs.”

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