Story number 1 for 22 Dec 2000

By December 22, 2000

Topping the news, the Ivory Coast remains unsettled following the December 10th parliamentary elections. Two days of rioting in the area forced the evacuation of the International Christian Academy, and suspended the work of Evangelical Baptist Mission at the school. EBM’s Dave Seefried says for now, they’re sitting tight. “If we feel that the situation is calm enough, we will probably attempt to re-open the school, and to get our children back in there, and our teachers. But that is up in the air, it’s just such an unknown at this point-some days are calm and some days, you have some violence.” Seefried asks people to pray. “It has settled down somewhat, but the potential for big flare-up is there, and the Christian south is just sitting there waiting to see what will happen, and hoping that the rule of law holds. We must pray that open civil war does not come, as it did in Liberia.”

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